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Removal of personal items from road allowance – Wakaw Lake

Per discussion at council meeting on October 14th, in order to facilitate road maintenance and snow removal during the winter, all personal items on the road allowance, or on leased lots not leased by the owner of the property, must be removed by Sunday, November 15th

Thank you for your cooperation!

Recreational Vehicles

Operators must be familiar with all regulations governing off-road vehicular traffic. This includes ATV’s, UTV’s and Golf Carts.  Most areas of the Municipality and areas surrounding Wakaw Lake are private property. Some are posted with NO TRESPASSING signs. Please not only respect the signs but properties and roads in the municipality. 

Bylaw Enforcement

The R.M. of Hoodoo has contracted B & B Enforcement Services to perform Bylaw Enforcement within the R.M. It is and is the same firm that is currently contracted to perform services for the Towns of Wakaw and Cudworth and the Resort Village of Wakaw Lake. They will be doing regular patrols in the R.M. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please talk to the Officer directly while on patrol or contact the R.M. Office to either answer the questions or forward to the Bylaw Enforcement Officer.

Snow Removal

After a major snow fall, the policy of Council has been set as follows:

All major grids are to be done first for emergency vehicles, bus routes next and then all other roads.  Do not expect your driveway to be done immediately after a major snow fall.  The operator will come back to it. Make sure you have an alternative method of snow removal in the event of a major snow fall.  The equipment operators will alternate the areas they begin snow removal each time. A red flag large enough to see at the end of the driveway notifies the operators you want the driveway done.  Custom Work charges will be applied. Anyone that cleans their driveways on their own, caution should be taken when clearing the snow onto the road allowance.  There should be no ridges left or a build up of snow on the edge of the road.   It becomes a liability to the R.M. in the event someone runs into it (liability may fall on the person responsible for the ridge).  It is also extremely hard on the graders and operators as these ridges get very hard.