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Hot Weather – Fire Risks

The Wakaw/Hoodoo Fire Department would like to encourage all residents to take caution around fires and flammable material during this extreme heat. The RM of Hoodoo No. 401, as of June 30, 2021, is in the “HIGH” Fire Weather Index with the likely possibility of moving into “EXTREME” in the coming days (see the link below).

Please take all precautionary measures necessary, such as having water nearby to extinguish your fire pit completely at the end of use, and to put out any sparks/ashes/coals that may stray from the fire pit.

See the link below to look at the Daily Fire Danger Map and tips to help you stay prepared during dry conditions.

Tips for Preventing Rural Crime

The Wakaw RCMP has provided the following tips to help prevent crime on rural properties;

-Having lights in yards

-Security cameras, trail cameras, driveway alarms, etc.

-Locking vehicles, placing hitch locks on trailers, and locks on fuel tanks. Almost all stolen vehicles are left unlocked with the keys in them.

-Keep photographs and serial numbers of any items of value on your property. Having a serial number or identifiable feature allows the RCMP to enter that item as stolen on CPIC, allowing it to be associated and returned to you if it is recovered.

REACT Landfill

The REACT Landfill in the R.M. of Hoodoo is now fully operational as of June 16, 2021. We thank you for your co-operation during this time.

REACT Hoodoo Landfill – NOTICE

This notice is to inform you that there was a pit fire at the Hoodoo Landfill on Wednesday, May 12, 2021.  Due to the fire and damage done to the compactor, REACT has restricted some services at the Hoodoo Landfill.

The Hoodoo site will remain open; however – REACT has been forced to restrict loads of construction and demolition materials from going into the garbage pit – until the compactor is repaired.  Bagged household garbage will continue to be accepted, and the rest of the site is open for business as usual.

We will keep you posted as to when REACT will start accepting renovation, construction, and demolition material at the Hoodoo Landfill again.  We are hoping operations return to normal in one week.

A reminder – ashes and hazardous waste, that is considered combustible, is not to be discarded in any REACT bins – even if ashes are believed/appear to be cold.  A pit fire is extremely dangerous to REACT employees, equipment, surrounding properties, and the environment, as well as being very costly to manage (according to the Ministry’s regulations).

The Wakaw Transfer station is also open & available (bins only).  Hours & locations for both sites are:

Note that the fire ban is still in effect!!!